While searching for shakers this summer, we ran into this…

25 08 2012

This summer while traveling in Western New York we ran into a wonderful article in a local newspaper. The article is written by Terry Kovel who with her husband have written numerous books, articles and are even TV stars! To read more about them and their antique business please visit www.kovels.com.

And now for the article!





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25 08 2012

Thanks for posting this interesting article. I hope you won’t mind that I’ve reported it on my own salt-and-pepper blog, here:

25 08 2012

The more we share the better! I look forward to reading your blogs!
Keep collecting!!

25 08 2012

This is great! Did not know this blog existed. If possible I’d love to put a link on my website http://snp-etc.com/ & my fac ebook page “Novelty Salt & Pepper Shaker-Collecting”. What a great article.

25 08 2012

Dear Laura,
I just “liked” your FB page and I love some of the ones you have for sale on your website!
Keep collecting!

25 08 2012

Thanks – is your museum the one in TN? If yes, sorry I missed the national convention that year when they visited.

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